Updated: Please read this note carefully. The Blockchain Miner Pro software works with a strong and effective VPN (bmproVPN recommended). We advice every user to protect their information whiles they mine from the software for a successful withdrawal.

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English (US) - April 5, 2018

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English (US) - April 2, 2018

How to get started



  1. First download the Blockchain Miner Pro on your desktop or laptop here.
  2. Open the Application and register. Registration is easy, just provide the needed information.
  3. Log in using the username you registered and password
  4. Go to wallet tab and input your bitcoin wallet address. this is very important because your mined bitcoin will be sent to this address.
  5. Enable bmproVPN
  6. Go to mining tab and select the setting you wish to use for mining the bitcoins. See picture below of how to manage setting below.

Now you can click on start and watch as you start to mine bitcoins. Note that the number of bitcoins you can mine depends on the processing speed of your PC. After mining for 0.01 bitcoin, you can decide to withdraw your bitcoin to your wallet.


Click on Stop, then select withdraw and follow the onscreen instruction. You will be required to send a mining fee of about 0.00893 bitcoin to a wallet address. Send this bitcoin and wait for instant confirmation and your bitcoin will be sent to your wallet immediately.

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Q. Is bmpro.info legit and real?

A. Yes because we develop this software for one purpose only


Q. How can I use the bmpro.info software

A. Simply download and watch the video on how it works.


Q. Why mining fees.

A. Mining fees helps generate your bitcoin from a network.


Q. Why bmproVPN

A. bmproVPN is a strong VPN meant for bmpro.info for a

     successful withdrawals.